Rob and Marla Lewis, here with Board of Education Chair Tim Bennett, were among those honoured at the 25-year celebration.

The 25-year honourees gather for a group photo after receiving their commemorative bells. 

Assistant Superintendent Kap Manhas welcomes guests to the banquet.

Bennett addresses the guests of honour.

'We are glad that you chose to be here with us'

SD 57 celebrates its 25-year employees

For 25 years, they have positively impacted the lives of students. They were honoured at a School District No. 57 banquet last week.

The district held a 25 Years of Service Celebration on Thursday night at the Coast Inn of the North. Forty-three employees attended, and a total of 54 were recognized for their contributions in our classrooms, schools and communities.

“We want to thank you for choosing School District No. 57 to spend your time – to share with us your experience, your expertise and your passion,” Board of Education Chair Tim Bennett said during a congratulatory speech. “We are in a climate now where people have choices as to where they want to work and we are glad that you chose to be here with us.

“We are who we are because of people like you. People who believe in making a difference. People who want to empower our students to dream big. And people who know the value and power of public education.”

Assistant Superintendent Kap Manhas also addressed the crowd.

“It is through your work and commitment that School District No. 57 continues to drive learning forward for our students,” he said.

“Over the past 25 years you have given yourself to our school district – given your time, energy, expertise and heart in an effort to make our district a safe, healthy and meaningful place to learn. Your contributions to School District 57 go way beyond your primary jobs in schools and classrooms. For this, I thank all of you.”

Twenty-five-year honourees were: Beverly Badowski, Sarbjit Bining, Douglas Borden, Kari Borowski, Anne Christensen, Maria-Belen Comas, Tina Cousins, Martin Dugan, Brenda Gagnon, Jeff Goodrich, Marla Graham, Diane Gregg, Jay Guillet, Sandra Gundersen, Denise Gustitus, Valerie Harms, Cindy Hedstrom, Cindy Heitman, Brenda Hodgkinson, Kimberley Hutchinson, Sid Jawanda, Meredith Keery, Helena Knoedler, Janice Kozak, Trinity Krahn, Robert Lewis, Marla Lewis, Sue MacDonald, Sherrie MacGillivray, Coreena Marchbank, Susan Marjoribanks, J.P. Martin, Andrew McFayden, Donna McLachlan, Carmen Murguly, Lorna Niven, Dana Norbeck, Katherine Peppler, Rennae Pillipow, Lana Ramsey, Leila Repo, Pat Repstock, Rosemary Seemann, Heather Siemens, Michael Slark, Luc St-Denis, Shan Thomas, Judith Turner, Michele Walters, Janice Wiegand, Nola Williams, Greg Woolgar, Dawna Yates and Randy Young.

Each received a commemorative bell.