Domino's Pizza and Panago Pizza provided delicious rewards for students who participated in the Prince George Iceman through SD 57's Community School program.

Members of the Quinson Elementary School Iceman team do a pizza salute before eating. 

Iceman participants from Duchess Park gather around Nicolle Therrien,  their Community School coordinator.

Students signed 'thank you' posters for their Iceman supporters.

Students celebrate Iceman conquest

Consuming copious amounts of pizza is a much easier task than completing the Prince George Iceman. Both, however, were enjoyable exercises for students from School District No. 57.

Last week, students who took part in the multi-sport Iceman got together at Van Bien Elementary for a celebratory lunch, generously donated by Panago and Domino’s. Participants from Duchess Park Secondary School, Quinson Elementary School and Westwood Elementary School attended the pizza-fest. None of them jumped into the Feb. 9 Iceman cold, so to speak. As part of Community School after-school programming, they put in a great deal of training so they would be ready for the big day.

With Iceman committee member Jim Van Bakel present at the lunch, participants spoke about their involvement in the race before they dug into the hot slices at the back of the room.

The Iceman wraps cross-country skiing, running, skating and swimming into one grueling test of athleticism and endurance.

“I learned that I can keep going, no matter what,” said Brooklynne Saunderson, a Grade 10 member of one of two Duchess Park student teams that were in the Iceman. “There’s determination involved in it – you have to be determined to get to the finish line because I know sometimes it really sucks.

“You just keep going, through thick and thin. You’ve got to believe in yourself.”

Saunderson was in her third Iceman, albeit in a supportive role this time due to an injury she sustained before race day.

Tristan Moon, in Grade 7 at Quinson Elementary, was a first-timer in the Iceman and was glad he signed up to be part of the school team.

“It was challenging,” he said. “I was the skier on my team. I originally thought I would not be able to do it but I trained very hard to be able to do it.”

Westwood’s Angel Espiritu, another Grade 7 student, tackled the Iceman for the second time.

“It was a really great experience,” she said. “Last year I did skiing and this year I did running. I learned about myself that I can do stuff if I set my mind to it.”

Van Bakel was impressed to see so many young people on the Iceman course, which starts at Otway Nordic Centre and ends at the Prince George Aquatic Centre.

“We know you guys are the future of the Iceman so we love seeing you out there,” he said.

Integris Credit Union also supported SD 57 Community School involvement in the Iceman.