Colourful lessons

Winter road safety part of YRB visit to Heather Park

They got to play with paint, hang out with their big buddies and meet a mascot. Grade 1 students at Ecole Heather Park Elementary also learned about winter road safety, all thanks to a visit from Yellowhead Road & Bridge.

A crew from YRB – along with their plow truck – was at Heather Park on Tuesday. For the students, the highlight of the morning was getting the chance to apply their own paint job to the blade of the truck. With help and encouragement from their Grade 7 big buddies, they used every drop of paint and imagination to turn the blade into a kaleidoscope of colour.

“When you give a Grade 1 student a paint brush and a whole bunch of acrylic and the freedom to just go, they just go,” Heather Park vice principal Dave Holmes said with a laugh.

The students also had the chance to meet and pose for photos with the Yellowhead Road & Bridge mascot, Yarbee. They even got to climb into the cab of the truck and check out the view from that rather lofty perch.

YRB’s visit included an educational component, as students watched a presentation about safety and awareness on winter roads and asked some excellent questions.

“The end result was, they had a story to tell about road safety when they got home to their parents and they had a hands-on project with it,” Holmes said. “It was a nice combination to put it all together.”